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Pendeho Replacement Boiler Service

If you live in Scotland and are in need of a Replacement Boiler, then look no further! We are the ideal company to use for boiler replacement in Scotland. We can advise you on the right boiler for your home and lifestyle.

Pendeho is the experts when it comes to replacing old inefficient boilers and installing latest, highly efficient replacement boilers that will Save money on your fuel bills:

Our team consists of highly skilled engineers, and our work is neat, making sure that there is a hassle free installation, in your family home.
We will sort out all the paperwork if you fall under the governments ECO scheme, in-which you can claim a FREE boiler grant.

How does the process Replacement Boiler or Boiler repair work?

We advise you if your old boiler needs repaired, or if it needs replacing. Our advisor will inspect your system, and carry out an assessment after the results of the assessment are available, it will determine what action’s required with your boiler. Our experts will advise you on the most efficient boiler for your household if needed. We will also carry out a separate assessment to see if you qualify for a boiler grant from the governments ECO Scheme. 
 The ECO scheme is for households who receive benefits (full list here). To qualify for a free boiler, you must be within qualifying criteria. You can check if you claim for your FREE boiler today via the government’s ECO scheme.

If you’re a homeowner, private landlord or private tenant, you can request a free boiler replacement if you meet the income-related benefits criteria. You can apply for a brand new ‘A Rated’ boiler that will reduce your bills by up to £250 a year. Find out if you qualify today, it’s FREE and 100% secure.

Free Boilers are still available via the UK Governments ECO Scheme; this scheme has been developed to help low-income and high-risk fuel poverty households who receive the correct combination of income related benefits. Find out if you qualify for a boiler replacement grant (link to ESG?) today?

After Installation

We walk you through how all controls work, and install easy to use accessories for your families convenience.

Pendeho always leaves every customer extremely happy with our service.
 We record and document everything. We keep all of your data secure if they are ever needed in the future.

We then will flush your system with cleaning fluid, making sure it performs at its best. We handle all aspects of paperwork and push through the funding for your boiler replacement if you qualify.

The Pendeho team are very clean, tidy and all in all., professional – We use dust sheets and carry our own hoovers to make sure everything was as found.

With Pendeho you will be kept informed with every step of the process, giving you peace of mind, and a chance to enjoy your new Replacement boiler.

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